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July 27, 2012
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Shimeji Collection by KeyToWonderland253 Shimeji Collection by KeyToWonderland253
This is all the downloaded shimeji I have.

EDIT: I got into Homestuck recently and the shimejis were so cute! I got about 50 of them of all the main characters except Jane and Damara because there were none of those two... Yeah... so... I updated the list...

Left of Browser, Bottom to Top:
Sollux - Homestuck
:iconhearteaterc: Tavros - Homestuck
:iconladyneko: Terezi - Homestuck
:iconjunglebee09:Vriska - Homestuck(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconuncut-adventure: Canada Cat - Hetalia

Top of Browser, Left to Right:
:iconfoxesque: Toothless - How To Train Your Dragon(use name link)
:iconuncut-adventure: Japan Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Prussia Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: South Korea Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Turkey Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Norway Cat - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Russia Cat - Hetalia
:iconyouko-chan: Shiny Umbreon - Pokémon
:iconxminxicat: Weiss Schnee/White - RWBY/Rooster Teeth
:iconkeytowonderland253: Vodka Mutini - Homestuck
Dirk - Homestuck
Davechick - Homestuck
DaveKat - Homestuck
DirkJake - Homestuck
JohnKat - Homestuck
Sollux and Mituna - Homestuck

Right of Browser, Top to Bottom:
:iconhgnds: Canada - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Belarus - Hetalia
:iconlittlemure: Wayward Vagabond/Mayor of Cantown - Homestuck
:iconglowstick-parade: Doc Scratch - Homestuck
:iconmiss-me-not: Casey - Homestuck

Bottom of Browser, Right to Left:
:iconfreddy-kun: Mituna - Homestuck
:iconcalmasys: Meenah - Homestuck
:iconvmkaquamerine: Latula - Homestuck
:icontimidfish: Kurloz - Homestuck(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconsesshisuna: Kankri - Homestuck
:iconcandytufts: Cronus - Homestuck
:icondartty: The Signless/Sufferer - Homestuck
:icondartty: Neophyte Redglare - Homestuck
:icon123destinycalls: The Psiioniic/Helmsman - Homestuck
:iconenecola: Marquise Spinneret Mindfang - Homestuck
:iconlizziedakittie: The Dolorosa - Homestuck
:iconanswerphone: The Expatriate/Executor Darkleer - Homestuck

Left of Screen, Top to Bottom:
:iconuncut-adventure: Austria Cat - Hetalia
:icontrenchcoat-pixie: Nepeta - Homestuck
:iconpepperina: Kanaya - Homestuck
:iconuncut-adventure: Karkat - Homestuck
:iconbbbrianne: Gamzee - Homestuck(deleted, use name link)
:icongothicclawraa: Feferi - Homestuck
:iconreauki: Eridan - Homestuck
:iconanime1rulz: Aradia - Homestuck

Bottom of Screen, Left to Right:
:iconfox-feathers: Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who
:iconbondibee: Slenderman - Marble Hornets
:iconfoxiez: Sherlock - Sherlock: Game of Shadows
:iconflyawaymax: Kenny - South Park
:iconalucards-creation: Grell - Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)
:iconmagician1999: Castiel - Supernatural
:iconniicchan: Zack - Final Fantasy
:iconrueme: Cloud - Final Fantasy
:icontomatobox-fairy: Timcanpy - D. Gray-Man
:iconshinobitokobot: Lavi - D. Gray-Man(deleted, use name link)
:iconsyriiak: Krory - D. Gray-Man(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconcakedoom: Spiderman - Marvel/Spiderman
:iconcakedoom: Dead Pool - Marvel/Deadpool
:icondreambeing: Loki - Marvel/Thor/Avengers
:iconzarla: Hunter and Smoker - Left 4 Dead
:iconroseannepage: Nick - Left 4 Dead
:iconuncut-adventure: Italy Cat - Hetalia
:iconroseannepage: Ellis - Left 4 Dead
:iconsetsu-sama: Russia - Hetalia
:iconuncut-adventure: Germany Cat - Hetalia

Right of Screen, Bottom to Top:
:iconxenodelphii: Dave - Homestuck
:iconsnapdragon: Jade- Homstuck(account deactivated, use name link)
:iconstormgale: John - Homestuck
:iconlacheetara: Rose - Homestuck
:iconaerobesk: Jake - Homestuck
Roxy - Homestuck
:iconc-h-i-z-u: Bec Noir - Homestuck
:iconuncut-adventure: Denmark Cat - Hetalia

Top of Screen, Right to Left:
:iconshadeysix: The Condesce/Baroness/Her Imperious Condescension - Homestuck
:iconkeytowonderland253: Aranea - Homestuck(not original, original source unknown)
:iconssenarrya:4-chords Nepeta - Homestuck
:iconssenarrya:4chords Karkat - Homestuck
4-chords Gamzee - Homesutck(direct link to download, credit unknown)
Equius - Homestuck
Rufioh - Homestuck
Porrim - Homestuck
Meulin - Homestuck
:iconlizard-breath: Horuss - Homestuck
The Summoner - Homestuck
The Grand Highblood - Homestuck
The Handmaid - Homestuck
Orphaner Dualscar - Homestuck
The Disciple - Homestuck

And the collection continues to grow. May be updated when I get more.

All Shimeji belong to the people who made them, all characters belong to their creators.
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a-rtIngs Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  New member
how did you get
to work
I-Love-Tweek Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Please give me the links to Slendy and Toothless!
KeyToWonderland253 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
For Slenderman, you just need to click the icon image for the maker and search their gallery. For Toothless, I need to find the link, give me a bit.
I-Love-Tweek Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Student General Artist

I'll edit it into the page too, can't believe I forgot to do that. Thanks for catching that for me.
I-Love-Tweek Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Student General Artist
:3 no problem! I'm very observant xD
TereziPyropeTheSeer Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
are they free?
KeyToWonderland253 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Yes, their all free. I do know where you can get some commissioned, but the ones here are all available for free.
Kovyx Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes owo
silverthederp Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Artist
homestuck shimejiiis *steals the gamzee one*
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